Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mayoral candidate claims he's a target :: Lake County :: Post-Tribune

Mayoral candidate claims he's a target :: Lake County :: Post-Tribune: "Mayoral candidate claims he's a target -Jack Lieske coming under fire by ex-worker

January 15, 2011

BY JON SEIDEL, (219) 648-3068
GARY -- A man running for mayor says he's become a political target after a campaign worker slammed him in a resignation e-mail this week.
Jack Lieske also said someone tried to burn down his home on Christmas Day. Lieske said he now lives in the city's Miller neighborhood but won't say where, citing safety.
'I'm a target,' Lieske said. 'I'm continuing to be a target. This is just crazy. I'm trying to do the right thing.'
Traci Bismonte, whom Lieske said was a 'strategist' for his campaign, wrote in an e-mail Lieske 'has never spent one night' in the home that burned.
'Mr. Lieske is not officially a resident of Gary,' Bismonte said.
She also said she is owed $500, that no bank account has been set up to collect Lieske's campaign funds and that he called her inappropriate names.
Lieske said Bismonte is 'disgruntled' and has a personal vendetta against him. He said he'll file charges and sue.
'There is nothing that is true in this e-mail,' Lieske said."

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