Saturday, March 8, 2008

Teddy Bear Love

Give this teddy bear ♥
to every person u care about including me if u care.
Try to collect 20

Friend Love...don't wait to late to tell them you care

""""♥if one day u feel like crying♥....♥call me♥. ♥I don't promise that i will make u laugh♥, ♥but i can cry with u♥. ♥If one day u want to run away♥-- ♥don't be afraid to call me♥. ♥I don't promise to ask u to stop♥......♥but i can run with u♥. ♥If one day u don't want to listen to anyone♥.....♥call me♥. ♥I promise to be there for u but also promise to remain quiet♥. ♥But one day if u call♥......♥and there is no answer♥.....♥come fast to see me♥. ♥Perhaps i need you♥. ♥Send this to all your friends, no matter how often you talk♥, ♥or how close you are♥, ♥and send it to the person who sent it to you♥. ♥Let old friends know you haven't forgotten them, and tell new friends you never will♥. ♥Remember♥, ♥everyone needs a friend♥, ♥don't ever leave the one u love for the one u like♥,♥ because the one u like will leave u for the one they love♥.♥if u get this it means the person who sent it truly does care about u""""

Friday, March 7, 2008

Jimmy Kimmel and Ben Affleck

Jimmy Kimmel and Ben Affleck

What did you think of this video? I thought it was funny as hell...have a great day!

Fwd: the Lawyer, actuary and the Accountant

An actuary, a lawyer and an accountant are discussing the merits of having a mistress or a wife.

The lawyer reckons it is better having a mistress, because the wife can take everything if you should come to a divorce. The accountant reckons it is definitely better having a wife, from a taxation perspective.

The actuary reckons it is better having both, because when you are not with the wife, she thinks you are with the mistress, and when you are not with the mistress, the mistress thinks you are with the wife, and that way, you can spend more time at the office.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The lawyer and the engineer

A lawyer and an engineer were fishing in the Caribbean.

The lawyer said, "I'm here because my house burned down, and everything I owned was destroyed by the fire. The insurance company paid for everything."

That's quite a coincidence," said the engineer. "I'm here because my house and all my belongings were destroyed by a flood, and my insurance company also paid for everything."

The lawyer thought for a moment, but was puzzled. Finally he asked the engineer, "How do you start a flood?"

Fwd: Lawyer insures a box of cigars

TRUE news story. NOT a joke. Maybe.

A lawyer in Charlotte, NC purchased a box of very rare and expensive cigars, then insured them against fire among other things. Within a month, having smoked his entire stockpile of these great cigars and without yet having made even his first premium payment on the policy, the lawyer filed a claim with the insurance company.

In his claim, the lawyer stated the cigars were lost "in a series of small fires." The insurance company refused to pay, citing the obvious reason: that the man had consumed the cigars in the normal fashion. The lawyer sued....and won!

In delivering the ruling the judge agreed with the insurance company that the claim was frivolous. The judge stated nevertheless, that the lawyer held a policy from the company in which it had warranted that the cigars were insurable and also guaranteed that it would insure them against fire, without defining what is considered to be "unacceptable fire," and was obligated to pay the claim.

Rather than endure lengthy and costly appeal process, the insurance company accepted the ruling and paid $15,000.00 to the lawyer for his loss of the rare cigars lost in the "fires."

But... After the lawyer cashed the check, the insurance company had him arrested on 24 counts of ARSON! With his own insurance claim and testimony from the previous case used against him, the lawyer was convicted of intentionally burning his insured property and was sentenced to 24 months in jail and a $24,000.00 fine.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Email IRS Scam

Email IRS Scam

A scam email, purportedly from the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS), is currently targeting Internet users. The message informs recipients that they are eligible for a tax refund and directs them to follow a link to fill out a refund form. The email claims to be from "". However, the message is a phishing scam and does not originate from the IRS.

If recipients access the link provided in the scam, they are asked to enter sensitive personal information into a bogus web form. The scammers can collect any information entered.

The IRS has issued a warning to consumers about these phishing scam emails. Part of the warning is reproduced below:

The Internal Revenue Service today issued a consumer alert about an Internet scam in which consumers receive an e-mail informing them of a tax refund. The e-mail, which claims to be from the IRS, directs the consumer to a link that requests personal information, such as Social Security number and credit card information.

This scheme is an attempt to trick the e-mail recipients into disclosing their personal and financial data. The practice is called "phishing" for information.
The IRS does not send unsolicited emails to consumers. If you receive one of these emails, do not follow any links provided or supply any information. Do not reply to the email.

In fact, be wary of any email that asks you to provide sensitive personal information such as banking or credit card details. Legitimate government agencies or private companies are highly unlikely to request sensitive information from customers via unsolicited email. To find out more about phishing scams, click the link below:

IRS Warns of e-Mail Scam about Tax Refunds

US-CERT Alert: Reports of IRS Phishing Emails

Fwd: estate planning

Estate Planning

When Dan found out he was going to inherit a fortune when his sickly
father died, he decided he needed a woman to enjoy it with.

So, one evening he went to a singles bar where he spotted the most
beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her natural beauty took his breath
away. " I may look like just an ordinary man," he said as he walked
up to her, "but in just a few years, my father will die, and I'll
inherit 20 million dollars."

Impressed, the woman went home with him that evening and,
three days later, she became his stepmother.

Women are so much better at estate planning than men

Donate to the Hillary Rodham Clinton Campaign

We defied the odds last night -- yes, WE -- and with our stunning victories, the momentum is now all on our side. We're going on, we're going strong, and we're going all the way.

Against all the odds, facing an opponent with more momentum and twice as many ads on the air, you kept working, giving, and believing. And that hard work is going to put us in the White House.

We put everything on the line for these wins, and now it's time to put our hard-earned momentum to work. Without skipping a beat, we need to match the Obama campaign's effort in Pennsylvania -- our next big contest -- and that means I am relying on you again. We need $3 million in the next 24 hours to ramp up our efforts immediately.

Contribute now to help us reach $3 million in 24 hours.

Millions of Americans have yet to speak. In states like Wyoming, Mississippi, and Pennsylvania, people are watching this campaign and want their voices to count. It's up to us to give them that chance.

That means keeping this race competitive. Thanks to you, we cut his four-to-one advertising advantage in half in March 4 states. Now our next step is to quickly replenish our resources. We don't intend to play catch-up with the Obama campaign.

With your help, we're opening volunteer headquarters all across the state of Pennsylvania before the week is out. We will launch a campaign ready, willing, and able to reach out to voters all across a state that now finds itself at the absolute center of the 2008 campaign.

Help us kick off our Pennsylvania campaign by reaching $3 million in the next 24 hours.

Contribute now to help us reach $3 million in 24 hours.

This nation is coming back, and so is this campaign.

The speed and energy with which we take advantage of our regained momentum is up to you.

Thank you for being there for me. I promise in the White House, I will be there for you every day.


Hillary Rodham Clinton

AMBER ALERT!!! missing girl from North Dakota

This is FOR REAL.....PLEASE, PLEASE forward to everyone you know!!! Thanks

confirmed at snopes that this is true


Missing Girl from North Dakota !!!!!!!!!!

You never know where this email could end up and I'm not going to stop passing this one around if it means a little girl can be found!!! Please spread this picture far and wide....

You just never know.


-- Sue & Barry Wilcox

406 -961 -4064

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Monday, March 3, 2008

FW: read alone

Read Alone.....
Especially the Poem

I believe whatever is in store for
us will be for us.

The poem is very true, unfortunately.
Make sure you read the poem!

This is the poem:

Around the corner I have a friend,
In this great city that has no end,
Yet the days go by and weeks rush on,
And before I know it, a year is gone.

And I never see my old friends face,
For life is a swift and terrible race,
He knows I like him just as well,
As in the days when I rang his bell.

And he rang mine but we were younger then,
And now we are busy, tired men.
Tired of playing a foolish game,
Tired of trying to make a name.

'Tomorrow!' I say 'I will call on Jim
Just to show that I'm thinking of him.'
But tomorrow comes and tomorrow goes,
And distance between us grows and grows.

Around the corner, yet miles away,
'Here's a telegram sir,' 'Jim died today.'
And that's what we get and deserve in the end.
Around the corner, a vanished friend.

Remember to always say what you mean. If you love someone, tell them.
Don't be afraid to express yourself. Reach out and tell someone what
they mean to you. Because when you decide that it is the right time it
Might be too late.

Seize the day. Never have regrets. And most importantly, stay close to
your friends and family, for they have helped make you the person that
you are today..

You must send this on in 3 hours after reading the letter to 10 other
If you do this, you will receive unbelievably good luck.


The more people that you send this to, the better luck you will have.
SMILE, even through your tears!!!!!

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Sunday, March 2, 2008

re: Wanna make some calls for Barack Obama?

Yesterday, supporters all across the country responded to Barack's request by making more than 300,000 calls into crucial March 4th primary states.

We reached our goal of one million calls much faster than expected, so we're setting a new goal: 1,500,000 calls to voters by Tuesday.

Use our online phonebanking tool and start making calls right now:

There's no easier or more effective way to keep building momentum for this campaign than making calls to likely supporters.

And there's no more important time to get involved than right now.

The primaries in Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island, and Vermont this Tuesday, March 4th, could be decisive for this campaign. Reach out to voters in these states, listen to what's important to them, and share your reasons for supporting Barack.

The online phonebanking tool is easy and fun to use. Here's how it works:

Choose a state you'd like to call.
Log into and get a list of 20 names that only you will receive. (If you don't have a My.BarackObama account, creating one is fast and easy.)
Click on a name and you'll be led through a simple script, question by question.
Start making calls.
It's as easy as that -- a list of likely supporters and an opportunity to make personal connections right from your own home.

You are the voice of this campaign, and there are thousands of people out there, waiting to hear from you.

Make your voice heard. Start making calls today:

Thank you for making this happen,


David Plouffe
Campaign Manager
Obama for America

P.S. -- There are a number of specific calling campaigns that you can select if you have special skills or interests.

If you are fluent in Spanish, you can reach out to Spanish speakers:

If you are a woman, you can choose to speak with other women about why you support Barack:

If you're a student, you can talk to other students:

I got this message today from the Barack Obama's Camp so I wanted to put it out there...just in case you are not opted in.

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