Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Re: Here comes the kitchen sink

-I got this email from Baracks crew this afternoon...I don't care who you vote for...but don't make it just like that 1st night on a date when everything goes perfect...he opens the door, puts your coat on, waits for you to order, doesn't try to get in your panties the first night...because trust me....it could turn into hell date...this is serious people this isn't the student council at high school or the president of your local block club...this is real business. My comment are in green...and yes this is what I mailed back to them. and they better respond this time...if they want my vote...Hillary did.


This morning, the New York Times reported that Senator Clinton is launching what even her aides admit is a "kitchen sink" bombardment of negative attacks against Barack.

- and the new your times is always correct, right?

This is the same stale, Washington playbook that has driven so many Americans away from the political process.

-no what drove so many people away from politics is the lies that they told and the media coverage is really what drove people away from politics...but I beat they will never tell you that they are ones that control what people think...think about...just re-read your words you typed here.

Yesterday, in a speech on foreign policy, Senator Clinton misrepresented Barack's positions and compared him to George W. Bush.

She questioned his "wisdom to manage our foreign policy and safeguard our national security," despite her support for Bush's war in Iraq -- a war that Barack showed the judgment to oppose before it ever began.

-I don't see that as misrepresenting Baracks positions on foreign affairs and national security...I question Baracks too just like I question that guy that is our president now.

These negative tactics are exactly what voters have been rejecting this election season.

-that is the funny thing about getting people who will jump at the 1st person that they think is going to help them...like Hilary says Xerox...you get my point.

While others focus on trying to tear us down, we will continue to highlight what is most inspiring and most important about this campaign -- you.

-nobody is trying to tear you down...Barack probably is doing a great job in the senate...I guess...the funny thing is I never heard of him until he announced that he was running for president...and I live in Gary, In...and I get nothing but Chicago news...We might as well vote for Rev. Meeks he can deliver a great speech too...I watch him on TV all the time...but not for president.

And while others may try to score cheap political points, millions of ordinary Americans are talking to their neighbors, knocking on doors, making phone calls, and turning out to primaries and caucuses in record numbers to support this movement for change.

-that is because Barack promised to give them free health care or fine them for not having it...they are going to need the Health care when some other country invades the US...because we just got our balls cut off.

Barack has organized and inspired what yesterday's Time magazine called a "new breed of grassroots campaign -- viral, internet-based, built from the ground up."

-so have I...so I shouldve ran for President...oh yeah...it doesn't pay enough! Who doesn't know web 2.0 tactics...it aint rocket science...I think I will send this out to my mailing list.

Today, we are within reach of a goal that is unprecedented at this point in a presidential primary -- one million people giving to this campaign.

-if I really really focus on it...I could get 1 million people to give a dollar...esp with the amount of people that you encounter on the daily basis...you ever seen the free hugs campaign

Now is the moment to reject politics-as-usual. Show your support for a new kind of politics and a new kind of leadership.

-So the president is not going to be in Politics anymore...what is the new word?

Make a donation now and become one of the million who own a piece of this campaign:

-I got a dollar...you want that


If you make a donation right now, you will also receive a "One of the Million" supporter t-shirt. Let your friends and family know that you support Barack Obama and are proud to be part of this movement.

- can't do that...because I don't support either Barack or Hillary 100%...even though I am a registered Dem...and I live in Indiana so I don't have to make a decision...and you people at the polls in Chicago committed fraud...

Thank you for your support,


David Plouffe
Campaign Manager
Obama for America

P.S. -- Beginning this Saturday, March 1st, we're holding a One Million for Change canvass across Ohio as a lead up to their primary on March 4th. This canvass will be a great opportunity to reach out to Ohio voters, talk about why you are a part of this movement, and remind them to vote on Primary Day. I hope you'll take part.

Learn more about the One Million for Change canvass and sign up now:

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