Thursday, January 1, 2009

Reefer Madness Redux

Reefer Madness Redux Boston Daily:

Question: When was the last time your life was affected by someone smoking a joint in public?

A. Jogging on the Charles
B. At an Allman Brothers Concert at the Bank of
America Pavilion
C. All those filthy hippies on the Common
D. Never

If pressed, I’d probably go with A, but the thing about kids blazing along the Charles is that they tend to keep themselves.

The latest development in the Commonwealth’s collective freak-out over the decriminalization of marijuana is an effort to crackdown on public pot smoking because, obviously now that the degenerates can carry grass without fear they will start to smoke the evil weed EVERYWHERE!!!
Oh the humanity.

As expected, proponents of decriminalization smell a ruse, and it’s not a new brand of incense, either. As Dan Bernath told the Herald:
“We’re not opposed in principle to some kind of sensible regulation, however, if it starts to look like this is being done to undo the wishes of voters, then yes, we would be opposed to that,” said Bernath, spokesman for the Washington, D.C.-based Marijuana Policy Project, which backed the Bay State ballot initiative.

No one, really, is opposed to sensible regulation measures. Just like no one likes to have their commute interrupted by a drunk on the bus, which happens about every other week. It’s probably best if everyone took a deep breath (and possibly inhaled, not that we’re advocating that kind of thing) and just chilled out, man."

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