Monday, March 31, 2008

Want to take a Ride with John McCain?

I wanted to send a quick reminder that today is the last day to make a contribution to be eligible to win a day on the Straight Talk Express with John McCain. If you can make a donation of $50 or more before midnight tonight, we'll also send you a commemorative Straight Talk Express ticket.

Our tour schedule has been recently updated and as the lucky winner, you and a friend can join John McCain in Jacksonville, Florida this Thursday, April 3rd, riding the bus and attending events including his speech at Cecil Field. We've had an overwhelming response from supporters during the last week and we find it extremely encouraging.

John McCain is the only candidate in this race who is ready to lead as commander in chief from day one, and it is our job to raise the resources necessary to help him win in November.

Please follow this link to make your contribution of $50 or more before the deadline of midnight tonight!

Thank you,

Rick Davis
Campaign Manager
John McCain 2008

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