Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Message from Michelle Obama

I wanted to let you know about a program our campaign is introducing. It's called Indiana Township Teams.

We have seen record turnout in contests across the country -- people are making their voices heard like never before. We've won the most votes, the most states, and the most delegates, and it's thanks to supporters like you.

But this campaign is far from over, and we can't take anything for granted. We need to reach everyone we can in Indiana on May 6th. And to do that, we need to get organized on a local level.

Sign up to help lead our effort in your township -- join an Indiana Township Team today:

Grassroots organizers have a special place in my heart.

My dad was an avid Democrat and a Precinct Captain in Chicago. He was a blue collar city worker who put two kids through college despite being stricken with multiple sclerosis in the prime of his life.

But my dad got up every day, driven to create a better life for our family and our community. And one way he worked for change was by talking to his neighbors, knocking on their doors, and helping get them to the polls.

It's such an important job. I hope we can count on you to sign on and help out. The campaign will put you in touch with a staff organizer in your area who will help your team organize.

Sign up and learn more about joining a Township Team:

Thank you for everything you're doing,


P.S. -- Make your voice heard today and vote early for Barack. Visit your County Clerk's office to vote early in person from now until May 5th. Find your County Clerk's office:

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