Sunday, August 3, 2008

New Jobs in Indiana with Clean Energy... Jill Long Thompson

Last month, Indiana lost 17,900 jobs. Our unemployment rate jumped more than any other state in the country.

Those are daunting statistics -- but while our current leadership might accept them, we don't have to.

Yesterday, Dennie Oxley and I announced our new Green Jobs Initiative. Our plan centers on using the skills Hoosiers already have and creating 30,000 new, good paying green jobs across the state.

Visit my website to learn more about the plan -- and to provide your own feedback:

We can make clean technology options a priority in Indiana.

Research shows in our manufacturing sector alone, Indiana has the potential to create as many as 25,180 new jobs from wind turbine manufacturing. We can also create an additional 7,485 new jobs in solar component manufacturing, with even more jobs to be created in geothermal and biomass manufacturing fields.

These jobs use skills many Hoosiers already have. They run the gamut from electricians to welders, carpenters to engineers, mechanics, equipment operators, roofers, iron and steel workers, millwrights and truckers.

Combined with tax rebates for eligible companies that create green jobs, and a clean energy fund to invest in this emerging industry, we can achieve our energy, environmental and economic goals.

Click here to learn more -- and to tell us what you think:

Indiana has the potential to be a national leader in clean energy and simultaneously build its economy. Dennie and I plan to work hard everyday to make this a reality for all Hoosiers.

Jill Long Thompson

PS. You can read the comprehensive Green Jobs Initiative here:

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