Friday, September 25, 2009

Hammond Mayor McDermott calls arrest of ally 'dirtiest trick'

Mayor calls arrest of ally 'dirtiest trick': "The sheriff said he did it, because 'I have never been intimidated by political threats.'

The mayor's message to the sheriff stated: 'As you probably know ... I'm sure you do know that Dave Woerpel was arrested, his wife was arrested, his two sons were arrested. They were swept up, because there was five tiny pot plants growing in their backyard. ... Nonetheless, they were swept up in a warrant. Tina was arrested in front of her employees in the (city) recycling center. You would think they were growing pounds and pounds of marijuana in the backyard, but it turns out they were growing five small, little plants, which leads me to believe that somebody is playing politics, and it's got to be either you or (Lake County Police Chief) Marco (Kuyachich) or (Lake County Prosecutor) Bernie (Carter). So I'm calling all three of you, and I'm going to let you know that I'm definitely getting involved in the sheriff's race, and I'm pissed off. Roy, this is completely, completely uncalled for. Dave Woerpel is the captain of the 5th District, captain in the city of Hammond ... very, very powerful, very, very political, and you guys arrested him and he had nothing to do with it. Nothing. Roy, that's the dirtiest trick I've ever seen. Have a nice day.'

McDermott denied this week he was trying to intimidate or in any way influence the court proceedings against the Woerpels.

'I'm not excusing the conduct of Dave Woerpel at all or his family. Obviously, there was marijuana in his backyard. But I've practiced law for years, and I've seen a lot of cases like this. And this one is unique."

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