Wednesday, February 13, 2008

FW: Southern Style Sweet Tea - remark towards Bl@cks

Pretty soon a blackman like me ain't going to be able to drink or eat anything...everything is racist...LOL ...get this I love arizona one in the fridge right now...and I am about to go drink to celebrate the march and protest of arizona...I am protested out...I should protest this email!

thanks me a sellout...but I am sick of it

For the Tea Drinkers....something to think about. Please read!

Southern Style Sweet Tea - remark towards Blacks

Read this as a proud Black person and forward this to every black person you know!

My name is LaMar McGowan and today was the first day of my life where I felt like less of a Black Man! When did Slavery become marketable? I'm calling for a nation wide Boycott on a drink company named " Arizona ", which has a variety of flavors. I myself have bought a number of their
drinks, but on 11/30 I bought my last one. There is someone in the Marketing Dept. who told someone on the board that "We can degrade Black People and make money at the same time" and the board member agreed!

Every Black person from the south knows how good it felt on those hot southern days to have a tall glass of sweet tea. "< st="on">Arizona" has a flavor known as "Southern Style Sweet Tea" but if you look closely on the front of the can there is a picture of a Plantation! Yes,I said a Plantation ,
with a white couple on the porch and a Black woman dressed like Aunt Jamama walking away from the house. When did Slavery become marketable?

My Grandfather was 100 years old before he passed in 2004 and that picture reminds me of his painful stories, not a hot southern day with a cool refreshing glass of sweet tea. So stop buying any drinks from this company! Stand up and let your voice be heard and overload their lines.

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