Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Special Offer: McCain Lapel Pin Our campaign continues to prepare for the upcoming general election in November, and we are working to ensure John McCain is our next President. As a McCain backer, we will need your support in our campaign against either Senator Clinton or Senator Obama this Fall in what will be a highly competitive race. Your support is crucial in sending John McCain to the White House as our next president, and that's why I ask for your support today.

John McCain Lapel Pin
John McCain remains steadfast in his commitment to a brand of leadership that promotes principle over politics, and now he needs a commitment from you. With your immediate contribution of $100 or more in support of his presidential campaign, you will be sent an official John McCain 2008 lapel pin to identify you as a key McCain supporter.

As president, John McCain will reduce the size of the federal government, reduce your tax burden and win the war against radical Islamic extremism. His vision for our country is a stark contrast to both Democratic candidates who want to expand the size of the federal government, raise your taxes and immediately withdraw our troops from Iraq because of mounting political pressure.

The challenges facing our nation today demand tough solutions and these solutions require real leadership. Show your friends, family and neighbors that John McCain is the leader who will unite our party and win in November by following this link to make a donation for your exclusive lapel pin.

Thank you for your continued support.

Sincerely, Rick DavisCampaign Manager

P.S. As a supporter of John McCain's presidential campaign, you will receive a special McCain 2008 lapel pin with your donation of $100 or more today. We need your financial support now more than ever as we raise funds to take on either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama - who have raised over $400 million combined- in the fall. Please show your support by making a donation and proudly wearing the McCain lapel pin. Thank you.

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