Monday, May 26, 2008

An excerpt from Brian Tracy's The Way to Wealth In Action: The Journey Continues:

An excerpt from Brian Tracy's The Way to Wealth In Action: The Journey Continues:
The Way to Wealth System

Selling on the Internet:

Internet marketing should be a part of all your business activities. More and more people, to the tune of tens of billions of dollars each year, are buying via the Internet. It is fast, easy, convenient, and at their fingertips, anytime, anywhere. To achieve your full potential for business success, you must have an Internet presence.

There are hundreds of books written on how to sell more effectively using the Internet. But the basic truth remains the same: make it easy to buy from you!

Make your offer simple and clear. Make your prices and terms easy to understand and accept. Offer unconditional guarantees. Remove the greatest fear that Internet shoppers have, which is the fear that they will be stuck with something that is inappropriate for them. Take that fear away by giving them overwhelming guarantees and assurances of satisfaction.

Put pictures of yourself and your staff on your Web site. Give phone numbers to enable visitors to your site to contact you directly if they have a question. Develop a customer service policy for anyone who phones to request information or to purchase something from your site. Be friendly, polite, and courteous. Welcome them and thank them for calling. Thank them for their order. Make them happy that they decided to buy from you.

"The Way to Wealth" shows you...

The #1 reason for business problems

The key determinant to growth and profitability

The most important sale you MUST make

Where all wealth and growth comes from

How to sell "improvement" and profit WILDLY

Where the central focus of a business MUST be to achieve success

The 2 Great Rules of business that cannot be ignored

Where your focus MUST be to become a more valuable person and business owner

The one way you can succeed against continuing, AGGRESSIVE competition

The one way you can not only survive, but THRIVE in our rapidly changing world

Get The Way to Wealth System and get all your questions answered about selling on the internet

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