Sunday, June 22, 2008

What a speech... "We must never confuse action with progress.".... Jill Long Thompson

What a speech.

Yesterday, in front of over two thousand delegates at the State Democratic Convention, Jill delivered a moving speech that outlined her vision for the future of Indiana and excited Hoosier Democrats.

The Louisville Courier-Journal wrote, "Waving signs and chanting, Democrats rallied around their nominee for governor yesterday, calling Jill Long Thompson the answer to the personal bankruptcies, home foreclosures and job losses they say are plaguing Indiana."

And from today's Times of Northwest Indiana: "Long Thompson drew rousing cheers when she delivered the day's keynote speech, during which she talked about the need to improve the economy and education and make health insurance less costly and available to more people."

Here is an excerpt of Jill's speech. You can read the entire text by clicking here.

"We must never confuse action with progress.

"And we must always remember that real progress creates something good for generations to come.

"As Governor, I will measure progress by the opportunities and well being of all Hoosier families.

"To every Hoosier worker who hasn't seen a real wage increase in a long time, I want you to know that you matter.

"To every Hoosier homeowner who is struggling to pay the mortgage, you matter.

"To every child sitting in a crowded classroom lacking resources, you matter.

"To those communities facing a new start because of natural and economic devastation, you matter.

"To all the communities left behind by the current Administration, you matter.

"We can fix all of the challenges we face in our state. But, we can fix them only when we recognize that every community and every family matters."

This is a crucial election - not just for our Party but for the future of the Hoosier State. By spreading the word about Jill and her vision, you can start Indiana down a new path of prosperity and restore Indiana's promise. Click here to spread the word to your friends and family.

Your support is appreciated.


Travis Lowe, Campaign Manager

P.S. Your contribution of $100, $75, $50 or $35 by June 30th will help bring much needed change to Indiana.

Paid for by Hoosiers for Jill Long Thompson. Gary Calhoun, Treasurer.

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