Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We're getting the message out about Jill's campaign

This past weekend, our campaign set a goal: to make 50,000 phone calls in two days to Indiana voters.

Well, we didn't reach that goal - we smashed it.

Using cell phones at home and office lines at our campaign's regional offices, volunteers around the state called over 100,000 Hoosiers about Jill's plan to change Indiana.

We're getting the message out about Jill's campaign, but we need your help to keep the phone calls and TV ads going from now through November. Keep this momentum going by making a donation of $20, $50--or whatever you can afford--today.

Ali, our Regional Field Director in Fort Wayne, describes the weekend:

"We had a great time. Our call room was full of people eager to get Jill elected. We got some pretty powerful responses from Hoosiers on the other end of the line that have been suffering under the Bush/Daniels administrations. One of out volunteers spoke to man, a former Marine, who had stage three cancer and is receiving little to no help from the current administration. He said we need to ditch Mitch and get Jill into office!"

With every phone call we make and every TV ad we air, we're connecting with Hoosiers like the ones Ali described - people who are fed up with the status quo of our current administration and ready for change.

Help Jill to keep conntecting with Indiana coters by making a donation of $20, $50--or whatever you can afford--today.

Thank you for helping Jill Long Thompson and Dennie Oxley take back Indiana.


Travis Lowe
Hoosiers for Jill


Paid for and authorized by Hoosiers for Jill Long Thompson. Gary Calhoun, Treasurer.

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