Monday, May 5, 2008

Audio: Hillary Did Not Commit To Lifting Teamsters Consent Decree

Audio: Hillary Did Not Commit To Lifting Teamsters Consent Decree

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This morning's Wall Street Journal revealed that Sen. Obama unequivocally supports lifting the teamsters federal consent decree:

Sen. Barack Obama won the endorsement of the Teamsters earlier this year
after privately telling the union he supported ending the strict federal
oversight imposed to root out corruption, according to officials from the union
and the Obama campaign.

…Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor confirmed the candidate's position in a
statement to The Wall Street Journal, saying that Sen. Obama believes that the
board "has run its course," because "organized crime influence in the union has
drastically declined." Mr. Vietor said Sen. Obama took that position last

This morning on Good Morning America, Sen. Obama contradicted his campaign and said he had not made a commitment.

Today, the Politico published audio of Hillary speaking to the Teamsters. Hillary says that she'd be open to "looking at" the status of the consent decree but made no commitments.

This is consistent with what the Hillary campaign and the Teamsters said publicly before this audio was released. Phil Singer told the Wall Street Journal: "Sen. Clinton is making no promises about lifting the consent decree." The Teamsters described Hillary's position as "wishy-washy."

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