Sunday, May 4, 2008

Radmussen poll reports Barack loses 8 point lead over Hillary

Did you vote for your candidate on my poll...send your friends here also!!!

The Radmussen poll today reports that Hillary Clinton has erased the 8 point lead that Barack had early in the week... the poll suggest that Rev. Jeremiah Wright has a lot to do with Barack losing ground.

I say that it has a lot to do with Hillary and Bill Clinton hitting the streets hard and Barack Obama, thinking he has this in the bag and taking a break and not fighting as hard as he was...sort of reminds me of the Red Sox when they were down 0-3 to the Yankees with 2 outs and came back to win 4 straight and go on to win their first World Series Championship in ages...What if the Red Sox said that no one has ever came back from 0-3...what if?

If you are still unsure...I think you should check out the both candidates sites

Hillary Clinton's Site
Barack Obama's Site

We will see how this shakes out on Tuesday 5/6/08

Make sure you go out to vote... get there early.

In Indiana you can still vote early until 12pm.

Some people say that they should end this race as it is helping the Republicans remain in the White House...I say I would never want to see it end matter how long it is drawn out, you never quit until it is over...the old saying..."quitters never win and winners never quit" that is so true for this presidential race this year.

Hillary and Barack, both have the passion to get in the White House...I say both keep fighting until the end... cause I would never be able to look at them if either one of them quit before it is there are still 8 states with voters left to vote, that want to vote for their candidate.

How do you feel? I know it seems like this election has been going on forever, so how would you feel if you are not allowed to vote, when your candidate still has a chance?

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