Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fact Check: Hillary and the Windfall Profits Tax

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Today 5/4/08, on Meet the Press, Sen. Obama claimed Hillary was using the same windfall profits tax to pay for two proposals:

Now, Senator Clinton says that she's going to use the windfall profits tax to
fill it. First of all, she's already said she's going to use that for something
else, as I have, and that is to invest in clean energy and, and-- other
important measures. So, that money she's already spending twice.

This is false and misleading.{new kind of politics...huh}

To pay for the gas tax holiday, Hillary is calling for a windfall tax on the oil companies' 2008 profits. It's an immediate proposal. Hillary has never proposed a tax on 2008 profits previously.

Hillary would continue the windfall tax on 2009 profits and beyond, and that revenue would go to her strategic energy fund and for renewable energy.

5/4/2008 10:18:42 AM # Check more facts

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