Wednesday, October 21, 2009

HOW TO: Install a Facebook Trojan esp W32.Koobface

HOW TO: Install a Facebook Trojan: "The trojan masquerades as a Facebook message with a title like “Nice dancing! Shouldn’t you be ashamed?” or “Some0ne thinks your special and has a *Hot_Crush* on you. Find out who it could be”.

This mail includes a link – to a free hosting site like GeoCities – that when clicked prompts the user to install an .exe file. The trojan then executes a worm called W32.Koobface that locates your Facebook cookies and proceeds to spam your Facebook friends with the same message. Here’s the step by step:

1. Get a Facebook message with a spammy subject line, think nothing of it
2. Click on a suspicious-looking link within that mail
3. Be running Windows (nothing wrong with that, of course)
4. Ignore all warning messages"

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