Thursday, October 22, 2009

Straight Couple Sues Cruise Line for Being Put on Gay Cruise

Straight Couple Sues Cruise Line for Being Put on Gay Cruise: "When a heterosexual Italian couple booked their cruise vacation, they were not notified that they would be setting sail with a crowd of 1,500 gay men on Italy's first gay cruise.

According to an October 16th report by the Daily Mail, the Italian couple arrived at port to find news crews surrounding the cruise vessel. At first, the couple thought someone famous was onboard—but they soon realized the media was in a frenzy to capture Italy's first all-homosexual cruise.

Even more surprising was the couple's embarrassment when they spotted acquaintances that they had not known were gay onboard the ship.

After witnessing three days of gay-centric parties and activities while the ship sailed from a port near Rome, Italy to Barcelona, Spain and back again, the couple is suing the cruise line for reimbursement of their fare: around $4,500.

The couple, who has not been named, denies that their actions are homophobic. Their lawyer, Antonio Francesconi, told the Daily Mail that the lawsuit 'is not a question of discrimination but one of lost satisfaction because no-one had told them their holiday was at the same time as the gay cruise.'"

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