Tuesday, October 20, 2009

CBS Report: Police Account of Steve McNair Death Doesn't Add Up -- NFL FanHouse

CBS Report: Police Account of Steve McNair Death Doesn't Add Up -- NFL FanHouse: "The law enforcement investigation of the deaths of Steve McNair and his girlfriend, Sahel Kazemi, concluded that Kazemi shot and killed McNair before committing suicide. But a new investigation from CBS News raises serious questions about whether the police properly investigated the incident, and whether they may have reached the wrong conclusion.

On Monday's Early Show, correspondent Armen Keteyian reported that his own three-month investigation (video after the jump) found errors made by the police, including a major one about when Kazemi supposedly bought the murder weapon. Police claimed that they had pinpointed the time when Kazemi bought the murder weapon as during a two-hour period when she was absent from work. But Keteyian reported that the police were wrong about the date on which Kazemi was gone from work for two hours, and that there are major questions about whether she purchased the gun at all."

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