Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Barack Obama v. Hillary Clinton ...nothing but the facts jack

In no particular order...this page doesn't endorse any candidate...strictly information about events and happenings with all the candidates for president.
Want to know what presidential candidates past and present are saying or have said...go here
Presidential Quotes

Wear your Support for Hillary Clinton
Show you support for Barack Obama...Get your Barack Gear Here

Support John McCain?  get your gear!

These links were taken off the sites of both the democratic nominees...All Barack supporters I say read Hillary's and all Hillary supporters I say read Barack's and vice versa...you owe it to yourself and your families to make a informed decision on by reading the true facts according to each candidate's fact finder!!!

Barack Obama site

Hillary Clinton

and while you are in the reading mood...you might as well read John McCain site too

John McCain

...if you were buying a new house or a new car... you would do your research and not just listen to what someone else said, would you? because if you would I got some stuff to sell you!

For events in Indiana and other states for all 3 remaining candidates...please visit

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