Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spotlight!!! Indiana Time... Barack Says

Help Barack in Indiana...Today, all eyes are watching the Democratic primary in Pennsylvania -- but tomorrow, the spotlight turns to the Hoosier State.

With Indiana's battleground primary coming up exactly two weeks from today -- and the entire country waiting to see what happens here -- we're counting on folks like you to take ownership of our campaign and organize your communities for Barack.

Thousands of people across the state have already taken the next step and joined Indiana Township Teams. Most have never been involved in politics before -- but they're talking to voters, calling potential supporters, and making sure as many people as possible are ready to vote for Barack right away.

Getting involved right now could be the most important decision you make in this election, and we have an online tool you can use to find the team near you. Will you join your Township Team today?

One way to start making a difference is to join Township Team members near you as part of a statewide canvass this weekend.

Across Indiana, people are going door-to-door to build our movement and encourage Obama supporters to vote early for Barack and make their voices heard.

Whether or not you're a member of a Township Team, you'll have a great time this weekend organizing for Barack -- you might enjoy yourself so much that you decide to take the next step!

Find a canvass this weekend and sign up now:

Thank you,


Mitch Stewart
Indiana State Director
Obama for America

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