Monday, April 21, 2008

March to Protect Our Children and Bernadine Wade Case UPDATES - Monday, April 21!

March to Protect our children April 11, 2008The March to Protect Our Children was a great success and we would like to thank everyone who contributed in any type of way. Whether you marched, donated funds, equipment or skills, spread the word, called Ms. Wade and wished her family well or helped do the legal research necessary to create the REAL change that we want to see…we thank you.

Over a hundred people turned out on April 11th to let the Jackson Township School officials, transportation department and the Ohio legislative bodies know that we will not tolerate policies, practices, or attitudes that do not value the safety of children as a priority. The 100+ who stood together on April 11 reflected a multitude of backgrounds, cultures, beliefs and institutions. The diversity of this movement is magnified when you consider that there are many more who could not physically attend but who support the cause and stand committed to carry this fight as far as necessary. In addition, the huge amount of emotional support that the Wades received was very touching. As Ms. Wade stood with her family and other victims of sexual or physical assaults on school buses, you could feel the love and solidarity between everyone involved. The strength of our numbers was reinforced by the strong connections that were forged that day.

The march was merely the beginning.

As stated before, our 2 major goals are to:

1) Hold the school and transportation department accountable for what happens to children when in their care. This means that not only should they acknowledge the tragedies that have taken place on school buses/vans but also be prepared to modify their practices to insure that children are not molested, abused, or assaulted on buses again. Accountability and direct action are a must and we cannot stop until we see these elements come to fruition.

2) Put enough pressure on Ohio ’s policymakers and political institutions so that this heinous law is changed. Until we implement laws that enforce our call for the safety of children, we will continuously have to fight against interests and practices that put profit, convenience, racism, classism, ageism, and ableism before our children. We need the policies to reflect the voice of the people.

With that being said, please, please, please spread the word about the new website, This will serve as our “digital headquarters”. This is where we will convene to organize, mobilize, strategize and stay informed as to how we can create effective change. This site will serve as the space where concerned citizens from all over the county (and globe, because Ms. Wade has international supporters as well) can put our collective heads together. This site is new and under construction, but we encourage you to check back frequently as it develops. Also, please leave your e-mail address on the homepage so that we can keep you updated.

On behalf of the Wade family and the other families who have been victims, a million thanks. Also, please see the media links/news coverage of the march/movement below.

Here is video footage of Ms. Wade talking about her case on Ernie Spencer's show, "Taking Back the Village":

The Justice for the Wades Team!

Natasha Thomas - Organizer
Delma Jackson, III - Organizer
Rafiki Cai – Internet Consultant and Strategist

Links to News Coverage:

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