Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gary mayor's letter touted in Vegas before ceremony :: Local News :: Post-Tribune

Gary mayor's letter touted in Vegas before ceremony :: Local News :: Post-Tribune: "A Jackson family museum has been a goal of Gary mayors for more than a decade. Clay pointed out Tuesday that Joe Jackson visited Gary in July 2008 to renew the museum talks.

'You made a visit to Gary and to the Mayor's office to discuss building a Jackson Family Museum in Gary, Indiana, with vision and love, and we are on our way to making it happen,' Clay wrote in his letter to Jackson dated Oct. 9.

The issue of LVH Magazine passed out Tuesday also includes a photograph of the Jackson Family home at 2300 Jackson Street, as well as photographs of Clay with Joe Jackson during Jackson's visit in 2008. City Council member Kimberly Robinson, D-5th District, and Lake County Recorder Mike Brown also appear in the photographs.

Gary press secretary LaLosa Burns penned an article for the magazine about the regret felt in Michael Jackson's childhood town after his death in June, and about Clay's hope to make the Jackson Family museum a reality.

'The construction of a Jackson Family Museum and Performing Arts Theater could be the start of a new beginning for Gary,' Burns wrote. 'Both proponents and opponents are rallying together to write the vision and to realize the vision.'"

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