Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Top 5 America's Safest Cities - Yahoo! Real Estate

America's Safest Cities - Yahoo! Real Estate: "These metros have the lowest rates of violent crime, workplace deaths, fatal crashes and natural disasters
After living five years in New York City and waiting tables while working part time as actors, Pamela Russell and her husband Todd were looking for a safer, cheaper place to put down roots--without giving up all the city perks that they so enjoyed in the Big Apple. Luckily for them, they chanced upon the Twin Cities.

'We drove into Minneapolis and fell in love almost instantly,' says Russell, now 38, who settled in Minneapolis with her husband and started a theater company--as well as a family of five kids--10 years ago.' Among the buzz and hum of Minneapolis, the biggest bonus of it all is that the crime rates are shockingly low. Sure, we lock our home at night, but we feel very safe living here.'

Minneapolis tops our list of America's safest cities, and not just for its crime rate. In ranking the cities on our list, we looked at workplace fatalities, traffic-related deaths and natural disaster risk; the City of Lakes ranked in the top 10 of all four categories. It's also one of America's best places to live cheaply and offers easy access to some of the most scenic drives in the country."

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