Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Merrillville to shut out lights by Nov. 4 :: Lake County :: Post-Tribune

Merrillville to shut out lights by Nov. 4 :: Lake County :: Post-Tribune: "The council voted to shut off every other street light on main streets, except at major intersections and where it is deemed unsafe to do so, and all the decorative lighting on 93rd Avenue in hopes of shaving $5,000 a month off its current $15,000 a month cost to operate the lights. No subdivisions will be affected by the cutback, however.

'I want to get down to $10,000 a month. That's what we can afford to pay,' said Councilman Richard Hardaway, D-2nd. He said if the town's action doesn't bring about the necessary savings, the council would have to make more cuts.

Hardaway asked Public Works Director Bruce Spires to provide a count of the number of lights disconnected by Nov. 4, when he will be meeting with Northern Indiana Public Service Co. officials to discuss actions the town has taken to lower its electric costs and to pay off its outstanding $400,000 bill."

Seriously... cut off traffic lights too (why not), darkness equal crime... What the hell?

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