Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hammond Neighborhood quiet, residents fearful :: Local News :: Post-Tribune

Neighborhood quiet, residents fearful :: Local News :: Post-Tribune: "Most residents are at work, and those that are home don't know or aren't interested in talking about Reo Jon'Ta Thompson, 18, and Gregory Brooks Jr., 17. Thompson and Brooks, who are charged in a violent robbery that ended with the McClendons both killed by gunshot wounds, lived only a half-mile from the couple.

One local business owner, who didn't wish to be identified because she fears reprisals, said she had several run-ins with Thompson.

'He shot at my three dogs with a BB-gun and paintball gun,' she said. 'He asked, 'Do your dogs like bullets?' '

She said she filed a police report in that incident and a situation where Thompson allegedly assaulted her with a brick, but no charges were ever filed.

'You just wonder if something was done before now would this have happened,' she said. 'People think these thugs are coming into our neighborhood from Chicago, but they're from our neighborhood.'"

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