Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Proposal to ease teacher standards stirs opposition :: Local News :: Post-Tribune

Proposal to ease teacher standards stirs opposition :: Local News :: Post-Tribune: "Under the new rules, superintendents would no longer need an academic background in education, principals would replace universities in determining relicensure, coursework in education would be cut back and noneducation college graduates could become teachers following on-line coursework and a paper-pencil test.

'It's becoming apparent to me that there's an attack on public education,' said Rep. Chuck Moseley, D-Portage, who listened Tuesday.

Regarding relicensure changes, Debora Porter of the Portage Township Schools testified it was unreasonable for school systems to keep up with and sign off on the licensure of each teacher -- a procedure now done by the state on the recommendation of a university's school of education.

An angry State Rep. Vernon Smith, D-Gary, bristled at the proposed changes saying about Republican leaders: 'They don't want to educate all children, just the elite.'
Merrillville Superintendent Tony Lux simply urged the board, 'Slow down.'

'We're not anti-reform, we're anti-REPA,' said Lux. 'You have had no honest dialog with the stakeholders closest to the issues.'"

Why is that the only black person that they report on... was considered angry in his responses--- really?

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