Thursday, October 15, 2009

BlackBerry Storm2 Announced: 5 Ways It's Better - Reviews by PC Magazine

BlackBerry Storm2 Announced: Five Ways It's Better - Reviews by PC Magazine: "On Thursday, RIM and Verizon announced the long-rumored BlackBerry Storm2 9550.

RIM didn't just add a new coat of paint and a few software tweaks with the new device. Finally, the innovative touchscreen smartphone just works, and just a few key deficiencies kept it from earning an Editor's Choice award.

After getting our hands on it (for the full BlackBerry Storm2 review, please click here), we've decided it's a great device and the phone RIM should have released the first time out. What has been improved? Here are five big differences between the Storm and Storm2.

1) A vastly improved touchscreen: Let's just say it: the first Storm's touch screen was weird. When it came out, people couldn't stop talking about its odd clicking touch screen that provided haptic feedback. It was like pushing down on a physical button, and yet it wasn't. Not compared to a keyboard, anyway. The Storm2's screen has a lot of similarities to the original, but now RIM has placed four electrical actuators under the screen (one for each corner). This makes the screen more responsive and better for typing.

See the other 4 steps

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