Monday, October 12, 2009

Jaguars Player Reportedly Causes Two Car Wrecks, Tries to Flee Scene -- NFL FanHouse

Jaguars Player Reportedly Causes Two Car Wrecks, Tries to Flee Scene -- NFL FanHouse: "Friday, Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Quentin Groves was headed to the airport to catch his team's chartered flight to Seattle -- where they'd eventually get their teeth kicked in, 41-0. On the way, though, he wasn't exactly what you would call a cautious motorist.

According to reports from the Jacksonville area, Groves did some damage to two different vehicles with some careless driving. Reportedly, Groves clipped one car while changing lanes -- sending it spinning -- and then abruptly changed lanes again before slamming on the brakes. This caused another car to end up wedged under Groves' car.

When Groves stopped to confer with the driver of the vehicle under the back of his car, he simply said that he was 'a Jaguar' and had 'a plane to catch.' So, he just took off, the reports said.

A good Samaritan-type in the area ended up following Groves and blocked his car about a quarter-mile away until police arrived. Reports late Sunday night on the Florida Times-Union's Web site indicate Groves was not charged with fleeing the scene. He was only given a warning, which is totally the police officer's discretion, for an improper lane change. There was ambiguity whether Groves was actually charged with causing both crashes, as a full police report had not been completed yet, according the the Times-Union's report."

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