Monday, October 12, 2009

British Soldier Matthew Millington Died From Cancerous Lung Transplant

British Soldier Matthew Millington Died From Cancerous Lung Transplant: "Matthew Millington, 31, needed the transplant because of the terminal respiratory condition he was diagnosed with in 2006. But the person the organs came from smoked 30 to 50 rolled cigarettes a day, reported the Times of London.

Millington received the double lung transplant in April 2007. A cancerous tumor was found six months later, and the soldier died in February 2008.
Because he was a cancer patient, he was not eligible to receive another transplant.

The inquest was told that Millington died of complications from the transplant surgery and the immuno-suppressive drugs he was given so his body would not reject his new lungs, reported the U.K.'s Press Association."

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