Sunday, October 11, 2009

Where Google Stands on the "Keywords" Meta Tag | WebProNews

Where Google Stands on the "Keywords" Meta Tag WebProNews: "Google does note that its enterprise Search Appliance has the ability to match meta tags, but this is of course separate from Google web search.

As I have said before, these videos and other tips Google frequently gives out are worth paying attention to for any webmaster looking to rank well. Whether they're talking about duplicate content, meta tags, or paid links, they're all aimed at telling webmasters how it is, and clarifying any misconceptions to the contrary. Whether you agree with Google's methods in all cases or not, the tips are for your benefit.

Like it or not, Google controls what people find on the web when they search. The company's huge market share is just something that is. There is always the possibility that could change in the future, but at this point, it looks like webmasters are not going to be able to ignore Google for a long time, if they hope to be found on the web by searchers.

We realize (and Google surely does too) that many well-seasoned marketers already know that Google ignores the 'keywords' meta tag, but webmasters are born everyday, and not all of them have been so heavily seasoned to this point, and that's why Google puts this information out there. There is always misinformation (particularly when it comes to search), and sometimes the record just has to be set straight. Who better to do that than Google itself?"

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