Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Rink: Southside Chicago Classic Roller Rink - Leshock Value

The Rink: Southside Chicago Classic Roller Rink - Leshock Value: "So says The Rink's general manager and owner Nate Simpson. For 34 years, he's run the south side roller rink on 87th street (it moved there from its original location nearby in 1985). Every time the business is open, locals are lined up to get inside and hit the floor.

'We've got people from all walks of life,' Simpson told me about the clientele who frequent the spot. 'We've got a couple of doctors I know that do skate. We have several teachers. We have unemployed people. We have retired people. Just about anybody you can think of comes up here.'

On Sunday nights, The Rink features 'J.B.' style skating. It's a freestyle format to the music of James Brown and other funk classics. You'll see aficionados racing around the floor pulling splits and doing back flips.

The tough economy has hit The Rink, even though there were at least a few hundred people in the doors last night, I felt it was a lesser crowd from the time I visited a few years ago. But Nate vows to keep the fun affordable. It costs just $8 to get in the door on Sundays, that gets you three and a half hours of roller madness."

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