Friday, October 9, 2009

Training partnerships open doors for #EC #East Chicago residents

Training partnerships open doors for East Chicago residents: "In today's difficult economy, Mayor George Pabey's Jobs, Education and Training (JET) Program remains a beacon of light for the East Chicago community.

According to a recent article in MONEY Magazine, today's career advice, in a word, is 'technology.' In two words, it is 'health care.'

That specifically applies for East Chicago and Northwest Indiana, known for its heavy industrial reputation, including three major steel mills, the largest oil refinery in the Midwest and as a major natural gas and electricity provider.

Residents from JET are now taking full advantage of those rising careers as part of manufacturing and industrial technology, Nisource Gas technology and CNA training partnerships offered through a collaboration between the city, Ivy Tech Community College, MittalArcelor, bp, NIPSCO and St. Catherine Hospital.

'Career opportunities in these various fields are expected to thrive over the next decade,' said Mayor Pabey. 'We will continue to make sure our community is ready for them.'"

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