Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jack Canfield: "How Am I Doing?" The One Question That Can Change All Of Your Relationships

Jack Canfield: "How Am I Doing?" The One Question That Can Change All Of Your Relationships: "If you are not moving closer to what you want, you probably aren't doing enough asking. And you're probably not asking the single most important question that can help you achieve a higher level of success and personal fulfillment: How am I doing? This question can be asked in a variety of settings--at work, at home, with friends and colleagues, and even within yourself. The information you gather can be used to set new goals, refine your habits, and generally help you to make the improvements you know you need to make. Have faith that the person you ask will enjoy offering you truthful answers. After all, it's an opportunity to enrich that relationship and exchange very personal insights. You may even find yourself answering the same question back at the other person.

How to Ask

Some people don't enjoy the fruits of asking because they don't ask effectively. If you use vague language you will not be clearly understood. Here are five ways to ensure that your asking gets results."

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