Monday, October 5, 2009

Trojan Virus Steals From Online Bank Accounts

Click to the Read the Rest of Story...Trojan Steals From Online Bank Accounts: "(MYFOX NATIONAL) - If you're a fan of online banking, beware. Thieves may be stealing money right under your nose without you knowing.

CNET reports that researchers at security firm Finjan have discovered a new kind of Trojan horse that doesn't just steal your bank log-in information, but steals money from your account while you're logged in.

Finjan chief technology officer Yuval Ben-Itzhak told CNET that the Trojan, called URLZone, can calculate how much money to withdraw from an account based on how much is available. And it will do it in such a way where a fake balance will be displayed.

'It's a next generation bank Trojan,' Ben-Itzhak said. 'This is part of a new trend of more sophisticated Trojans designed to evade antifraud systems.'"

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