Friday, October 9, 2009

Barack Obama's Nobel Win Called 'Vote of Confidence'

Obama's Nobel Win Called 'Vote of Confidence': "The president's resume of accomplishments may be short, Tønnesson said, but this year's prize is meant to 'encourage his further work for peace' and finish initiatives he started. Among them: a 'return to respect for civic and human rights,' rapprochement with the Muslim world, Iran and North Korea and withdrawing troops from Iraq. 'Then a big question is if he can find a way to be peaceful also with relation to Afghanistan.'

Obama was chosen over 204 other nominees, including 33 organizations, the highest number ever. He didn't help end a Cold War like Mikhail Gorbachev. He didn't topple apartheid like Nelson Mandela. Nor did he launch a 'green revolution' in agriculture that saved millions from famine like American plant scientist Norman Borlaug, who died last month.

What he did bring, said J. Paul Martin, director of human rights studies at Barnard College in New York, is a change from George W. Bush and a diplomacy that often saw America go it alone on the world stage.

'It's a vote for peace and a vote of confidence,' Martin said. 'The view of Obama outside the United States is not appreciated inside the United States.'"

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