Monday, October 5, 2009

Even as Layoffs Persist, Some Good Jobs Go Begging

Click to the Read the Rest of Story...Even as Layoffs Persist, Some Good Jobs Go Begging: "With about 15 million people looking for work, why are so many good jobs going unfilled?
Economists say it's due to a mismatch between available work and people qualified to do it.

So, even as the unemployment rate nears 10 percent, some employers can't find qualified people for good-paying career jobs.

Analysts say it's become especially hard to find accountants, health care workers, software sales representatives, physical therapists and electrical engineers.

An expert with Moody's says the unemployed may need to find more than just a new company -- they may need to find a new industry. As she puts it, a 50-year-old who's been screwing bolts into car panels isn't going to be able to become a health-care administrator overnight"

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