Monday, October 5, 2009

Are Hackers Stealing From Video Poker Kitty - Chicago Breaking News

Click to the Read the Rest of Story... Are Hackers Stealing From Video Poker Kitty - Chicago Breaking News: "Chicago - It's a video poker jackpot.
A royal flush, in clubs.
Odds are, it doesn't happen very often. But what if you could increase the odds in your favor?

Nicholas Percoco and Bob McCullen work for a company called Trustwave. They help companies around the world protect computer networks from hackers.
Video poker, don't forget, has just been legalized in Illinois. Up to 40,000 machines may soon be operating statewide, producing tax revenues of $300 million a year.

The two claim video poker machines could be tampered with where they're produced, or possibly, by repairmen who would install computer chips containing what's called 'malware,'. That's short for malicious software."

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