Friday, October 9, 2009

AT&T vs. Google Voice: Sex, money, the feds, and your phone bill -- DailyFinance

AT&T vs. Google Voice: Sex, money, the feds, and your phone bill -- DailyFinance: "The FCC is set to open an investigation to determine if that's true, according to Dow Jones, and will formally notify Google of the inquest later Friday. But why all the interest in Google Voice from AT&T, Congress and now the FCC? After all, Google Voice is available by invite only, and only a relative handful of people are using it. So why is everyone in such a lather about it? And why is AT&T expending so much energy to create roadblocks to its tiny new rival?

Technically, the dispute is over FCC regulations governing how long-distance and local phone companies pay each other for traffic that passes from national to local networks. Since Congress deregulated the telecommunications industry in 1996, much of this traffic comprises extremely lucrative sex chat lines, which the national carriers wind up paying for. AT&T has never been happy about that, and it's now livid that Google Voice can avoid having to connect such calls -- thus dodging this twisted fee scheme."

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