Friday, October 9, 2009

Special events donations spurs #Gary City Council action :: Lake County :: Post-Tribune

Special events donations spurs Gary City Council action :: Lake County :: Post-Tribune: "GARY -- Donations to the city for special events like the July memorial for the late pop star Michael Jackson were officially appropriated into funds by the City Council this week.

The council suspended its rules Tuesday and passed the legislation on all three readings without a committee hearing. It set aside $275,531 into four separate funds.
City Council appropriates donations:
Mayor's Donation Fund: $37,081
Special Events Fund: $15,240
City Council Donation Fund: $23,210
Baseball Stadium Maintenance: $200,000 Those were the Mayor's Donation Fund, which received $37,081, Special Events, which received $15,240, the City Council Donation Fund, which received $23,210, and the Baseball Stadium Maintenance Fund, which received $200,000.

Money in the Mayor's Donation and Special Events funds will be used to pay for events that included the Michael Jackson memorial and Halloween and Christmas events, according to the ordinance"

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